Brief & Kick-off 1


Another short deadline! The key points in this project are a strong message, and a strong delivery. We need to identify the charity’s message, what it should be saying to pull in more support. Emily/Nicola, can you make some notes on this? Right, so we’re looking at a website with audio – maybe a punchy ‘listen-to-me’ statement explaining why this charity deserves money more than others? And some video – with powerful images to highlight the need and how good a cause this is. Images that grab attention and tap into people’s emotions. Emily, we’ll need research on other charities’ sites and the kinds of media they’re using to grab attention. Nicola, ideas for the design, please – mood boards, I think, so get some designs to me as fast as you can. In the meantime, I’ll generate a production plan; I’ll let you know the delivery milestones later today.

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