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Hi, and welcome to the team! You’ve just landed a work experience placement at The Agency, one of the top multimedia agencies in London. You are now at the cutting edge of a fast-moving industry. The Agency has been in business 15 years, starting with three people working from a basement! Now it’s a 50-person team company with an annual turnover of £10 million.

During your visit to The Agency you’ll see at first hand how the company works. You’ll have the chance to work across several departments, and meet a bunch of very talented people.

To meet the key members of the team, and find out what each person does to make The Agency so successful – just select the Team in the menu.

Or, if you’d like to see a project through, and help the team complete tasks and solve problems... jump right in to Project 1. After that, get your breath back, then try Project 2. Select Projects to start.

Don’t forget to try the extra activities in the Source files section. You can also switch between team member profiles and project stages, any time you like.

Want to see if this could be the job for you? Come on, give it a try. Welcome to the sometimes frantic, challenging but rewarding world of The Agency.